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About Chadwell Construction

Chadwell Construction is a new branch of Springhill Landscape, LLC., established in 1992, as Chadwells Landscape. Michael Chadwell,President, Has over 20 years experience in the Construction,design and Landscape fields. Michael has a lot of experience in concrete work due to owning a cell tower construction company from 2000-2007 which did all civil construction.

Michael is Licensed by the State Dept. of Agriculture, has a General Contractors License, a Remodeling and Additions License, a certificate of setting landscape plants from the State Dept. of Agriculture and Business and Management/Accounting @ University of South Alabama. He has done many commercial Landscape projects but prefers Residential design/install projects. Chadwell Construction is capable to professionally do any Residential project or repairs put in front of them. If you like dealing with one person for all of your Residential needs, Just call Mike Chadwell @ 251-209-3593.

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